I have been a licensed Attorney since 2003 and the President and owner of McCall Law Offices, P.C., which I founded in 2005.

I served as a Trustee for the Peoria County Sanitary Department from 2009-2011 and served in the leadership roll of Secretary. The Board of Trustees have full power to pass all necessary ordinances, rules and regulations for the proper management of the sanitary district and must conduct the business of the board and the sanitary district for which it was formed to conduct.

I attended Richwoods Community High School and graduated in 1995. After graduation, I attended Illinois Central College and received an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences with a Minor in Pre-Law. Upon completing Illinois Central College in 1997, I matriculated to the flagship university for the State of Illinois: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences with a Minor in Pre-Law in 1999. I then attended and graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law.


Currently, I serve in a number of roles which address the quality of law which is practiced locally, as well as the comportment of attorneys within local courthouses. I am the past Peoria County Bar Association Diversity Chair. As Past Chair, my role was and is to raise funds for the Diversity Scholarship for minority law students who have demonstrated financial need, and who have an interest in working in the Peoria area. Additionally, we assign mentors to newly-indoctrinated lawyers practicing in Peoria County. I also serve as the Central District of Illinois’ Court Rules Chair, helping to develop courtroom rules for attorneys making arguments before our local federal court.

Previously, I served as an Expulsion Hearing Officer for Peoria Public Schools from 2011 until 2016, where my goal was to keep our schools safe. In hearing the pertinent facts of each case, I determined whether the Director of Student Affairs met the burden of proof to recommend expulsion. My determination with each case was to listen to the specifics and make a ruling consistent with the facts and in accordance with Peoria Public School policy.

I am very proud of my past work to help maintain a strong court system in Peoria County and throughout Central Illinois. I am a past member of the selection panel for the Central District of Illinois Magistrate Judge. The panel’s task is to select 5 individuals worthy of being the Magistrate Judge for the local federal court in Peoria. In 2018, I was also a member of the Retention Panel for the Central District of Illinois Public Defenders, as well. As a panelist, I helped determine and recommend to the Chief Judge whether the Central District of Illinois Public Defender should be retained. At the conclusion of our work, we were pleased to recommend he be retained.

My effort to serve the law community has not been limited to efforts which directly occurred within the courthouse. It has always been a goal of mine to have a far-reaching impact, and to be a valuable resource to attorneys, judges, and the community-at large, as well. I have presented at Continuing Legal Education seminars for Peoria County, and am the past Peoria Bar Association Criminal Substantive Law Chair. My task was to develop continuing legal education curriculum for defense attorneys here. I am also a past Liquor Commissioner for Peoria, Illinois, and a past Greater Peoria Sanitary District Trustee.

I am a strong advocate for the victims of domestic violence and their families. From 2011 to 2019, I was a Center for Prevention of Abuse Board Member and a Board Affairs committee member. I retired after serving the longest term eligible for the Center.

Additionally, I am a Board Member of Central Illinois Friends of People with AIDS and former Peoria County Bar Association Board of Director.

Recently, I created Order in the Court. Order in the Court is a mock trial program that uses local actors to teach 5th – 8th graders the nuances of trial law. The program allows children to learn the finer skill of trial work from licensed attorneys and to network with judges and attorneys locally in Central Illinois. Order in the Court is free for students to participate.

My biggest accomplishments professional accomplishment are as follows: I founded McCall Law Offices, on April 29, 2005 with a credit card, a month’s rent check, a computer and less than $300 disposable income when my wife and I had a 4 year old child. While moving into the hallway I rented, which had not air conditioning, my first client hired me to represent her in a custody case. The client had $400. I represented her and successfully completed the case. 15 years later, my wife and I are now blessed to have two wonderful children, a college student, a 7th grade child and 4 godchildren.

My second biggest accomplishment in my professional career involved the Peoria community. In 2012, I was a recipient of a 40 Leaders Under Forty award. 40 Leaders Under Forty is an annual celebration of young leadership in Greater Peoria. Through nominations submitted by the community, the region’s top young leaders are honored each year.

I was also recognized as a Super Lawyers’ Rising Star, an honor given to just 2.5 percent of Illinois lawyers as I focused my practice areas in Criminal Defense and Family Law and governmental work as a hearing officer for the Peoria Public Schools, where my goal was to keep our schools safe. I was honored to lead my firm’s growth where I employed numerous lawyers, paralegals and support staff from the Peoria area.