At Halliday McCall, our Illinois slip and fall lawyers have helped thousands of people reach large settlements and win verdicts for their slip and fall claim. Our attorneys are well-versed in both state and local laws that can protect you from negligent property owners. The Halliday McCall law firm offers a more personal approach to each case by going over all the details and options that are available to our clients during this trying time.

What is Premises Liability?

A property owner has a legal obligation to ensure that you’re safe while you’re on their property. While it’s true that accidents can happen that are not due to negligence, there are some instances in which the property owner is at-fault. If a property owner fails to do their duty to provide reasonable safety on their land or in their building, then they can be liable for a premises liability lawsuit. This means that the courts can award a fall victim with compensation due to an injury that occurred on someone’s property. This type of situation can take the form of a property that has not been maintained, which can lead to a fall. Other elements of this type of claim include a lack of security, allowing a crime that was preventable to take place. Other lawsuits may include swimming pool accidents, dog bites, escalator accidents, and more. Falls caused by icy pathways and driveways can also qualify.

Halliday McCall: Experienced Premises Liability Attorneys

Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, if you were on someone else’s property when it took place and your accident was a direct result of inadequate upkeep or due to their negligence, then you need to contact the leading premises liability lawyers in Illinois as soon as possible. Halliday McCall has helped hundreds of people who were seriously injured due to a security issue or preventable maintenance issue that was ignored by a management group or property owner.

Fighting Insurance Companies Head On

In many cases, you may deal with a business or an individual who has premises liability insurance. In this type of situation, your fight will be against the insurance company, not necessarily the property owner. Insurance companies will usually do everything in their power to lower the payout. Because of this, you need an aggressive, confident, and experienced attorney who knows exactly what it takes to win the compensation their client deserves.

Filing a Claim for Damages

After this type of injury, a person may be looking at increased stress due to major lifestyle changes, missed time at work, and mounting medical bills. The attorneys at our firm understand exactly what you’re going through because we’ve worked with many clients that have been in the same situation. The Halliday McCall firm will help clients to receive the compensation their family deserves.